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Welcome to Beechcroft



Beechcroft Manor is a grand, historic home located in the heart of the Winthrop Lakes region of Maine. With six bedrooms, two baths, two dining rooms, three porches, and countless charm, Beechcroft is the perfect property for your next family getaway. 


Stories of Mary Jane Mecguier, the woman who built Beechcroft in 1854 after returning from her work in the California Gold Rush, live on in a book entitled, "Apron Full of Gold." The house has been known in the community as the "Apron Full of Gold" house, which is a nickname derived from the idea that Mary Jane returned from her time mining gold with an apron full of it, which she used to fund the construction of Beechcroft. 

In the book are Mary Jane's letters written back home to her family from 1849-1856. The letters detail the great challenges she faced as one of the only women participating in the gold rush at the time and how thoughts of building her dream home in Winthrop when she returned, gave her the motivation and drive to persevere. 


A copy of the book is made available in the house to read during your stay and is also available to purchase on Amazon at the link below.


A Historic Gem in
the Community 

Featured on a downtown mural done by students of the
Winthrop Grade School, testifies to the significance of Beechcroft in the community and solidifies it as a true historic gem. 

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