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Our house is your house.

A big reason why we have started renting out our home is that we want to share its warmth and space with others. We have had many beautiful memories here and know you and your family will make some of your own during your visit. We've outlined a few essential items to note and provide a more in-depth guide for you to reference upon check-in.  


Instructions and any necessary codes for entry will be provided on the day of check-in. A house manual will be left on the counter, as well as a guest book we would love for you to sign! 

Daphne Mae is our resident feline. Generally, she will be traveling with us and won't be present during your stay, but there may be times she is home. She is extremely friendly and loves people. Beechcroft goes through thorough cleanings between visitors, so we try our best to keep cat hair to a minimum. It is inevitable that there will be some present, so those with severe cat allergies, may have difficulty. We welcome dogs and Daphne gets along with them just fine! 

Our house is your house. We want you to enjoy your stay, we just ask you treat Beechcroft with the same care and respect that you do for your own home. 

Our son and daughter-in-law live on the premises in our in-law apartment. They have their own entrance and won't affect your stay in any way. 





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