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Outdoor Living Spaces

Enjoy Beechcroft's many outdoor living spaces that are perfect for entertaining. 

Beechcroft has 3 attached, covered porches, with outdoor lighting. The largest porch on the front of the house is complete with a 4-burner Blackstone grill, amply cushioned seating, and overlooks the front yard. Have your guests enjoy a game of cornhole or croquet while you prepare a fresh summer meal on the grill. 


The "Bistro"

The back of the house near the parking lot has a brick patio area which we have dubbed, "The Bistro". This open-air spot has a top of the line, propane firepit and plenty of seating for an evening around the fire. The all-weather outdoor lights set the perfect ambiance and indoor outlets located on the other side of the windows, allow for you to plug in a Bluetooth speaker or even charge your mobile devices while relaxing in the space. 

Two additional porches adorn the front and back sides of the home, allowing everyone plenty of space for various activities and opportunities for private conversation. A hammock sits on the back porch, overlooking a large oak tree with a swing for children to play on.

Additional Porches 

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